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A sign system does way more than just tell people where your business is located, when tastefully designed, skillfully crafted, and professionally installed, your signs can get you noticed, get more people in through your doors, and get you more income flowing. When you get high-quality signs, you’re actually getting highly effective branding and advertising tools for your organization.

custom wayfinding and promotional outdoor signage

Your business signage reflects the quality of the products or services you offer. So getting a signage system that clearly conveys who you are, what you do, and what you can offer is really important if you want to boost brand recognition as well as your bottom line.

SIGNificant Graphics is an established and accomplished Lyons sign company that is committed to delivering sign systems that are custom-made to effectively promote your unique brand message to your unique target audience. Whether you’re looking for signs for your business, home, or office, SIGNificant Graphics is here to give you what you need.

Each business’s brand identity, target market, and objective is unique, and consequently their signage needs are unique. This is why we don’t settle with giving our clients generic, run-of-the-mill signs. We make sure that the signs we deliver are strategically designed, carefully crafted, and professionally installed to convey your specific brand message to your target market, attract potential customers, and ultimately influence their purchasing decisions.

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Stand Out With Unique Signage

Every business-owner knows that competition can be overwhelming and frustrating if you enter it unprepared.

Storefront Signage for Restaurant including cabinet sign and vinyl graphics

However, if you are equipped with impactful, and engaging signs that were designed, manufactured, and installed with your branding, goal, timeline, and budget in mind. If you’re looking to get this made at excellent quality, then SIGNificant Graphics is ready to be your local provider of signs that attract and target your potential clients.

Stand out from your competition (literally!) with stately pole and pylon signs. Connect with potential customers 24/7 with beautifully illuminated building signs. Go to where your target consumers are with stunning vehicle wraps. No matter what your signage needs are, SIGNificant Graphics is here to meet them. We not only produce highly visible and highly impactful signs, we also make sure that they clearly communicate your unique brand and message.

SIGNificant Graphics has perfected the art and science of taking our client’s vision and using it to create exceptional, practical, and strategic sign elements. We are equipped with the tools, skills, experience, expertise, and process to bring your ideas to life.

Designed For Your Brand & Business

Custom signs and graphics by SIGNificant Graphics are designed and crafted to be more than just visually pleasing, they’re built to set your business apart from the rest of the structures in the vicinity.

attractive custom lobby signage

They let people know what you are all about, what services or products you offer, and how you can effectively meet their needs.

When you’ve got high-quality, specially customized signage, you make it easier for people to recognize your brand, recall it at a later time, and even return to you for future transactions. These signs also help you exude professionalism, competence, and class. They are, in a way, a reflection of the quality of services and products that you offer.

Whether you’re a franchise, a group of companies, or mom-and-pop business, SIGNificant Graphics is ready to provide you with the best signage solutions that meet your needs and reflect your brand. We are proud of the fact that we offer a vast selection of sign types, materials, designs, accessories, and other elements to choose from. We are also proud of our talented team of sign experts who offer excellent guidance and assistance throughout the entire process.

The custom specialty signage options that SIGNificant Graphics offers include:

Whether you’re looking signs to place indoors, outdoors, or even on your vehicles, SIGNificant Graphics is fully equipped and capable of custom-crafted to meet the branding, taste, location, requirements, timeline, and budget that you specify. You can order just one sign, 50 signs, or 50 copies of the same sign, it doesn’t matter! We have the equipment, the expertise, and the experience to deliver superior quality custom signs that effectively communicate your brand message, draw in your target market, engage them, impact their purchasing decisions, and ultimately boost your business’s bottom line.

Our Custom Sign Process

SIGNificant Graphics has been the local go-to signage provider here in the Lyons, IL area for many years. We have successfully met the signage needs of countless clients with residential, business, commercial, and industrial properties. We believe that our tried-and-tested process and the start-to-finish customer support that comes with it play a huge role in our success.

custom trade show exhibit display

Our process kicks off with a free initial consultation, which is where an experienced sign expert from SIGNificant Graphics sits down with you to learn what your business goals are, what your brand identity is, and what you want your custom sign project to achieve. We listen to your plans and ideas as well as give you honest insight and professional recommendations. We use the pertinent details that we gather from our one-on-one discussion and come up with a visual representation how your signage will look, and then we send that over to you for your review, feedback, and possible alterations. We want to make sure that your sign is exactly the way you want it.

Once we get your go-ahead for the design, our team of fabricators then get to work. They prepare and produce the necessary sign materials, elements, and the accessories needed to craft high-quality signage for you. Sign installation can actually be done by yourself if you wish, but we also have a strong team of professional sign installers who ensure that your signage is set up carefully, properly, and without delay. Some signs don’t require advanced installation techniques or expensive equipment so you can DIY your way through them, but if you do find yourself needing professional assistance with more complex sign installation, SIGNificant Graphics is here for you!

Our team here at SIGNificant Graphics thrives on collaboration and teamwork. We are passionate about recreating your vision, so we work closely with our clients throughout the entire sign-making process. We want to share the experience of bringing your signage ideas to life.

Free Custom Signs Consultation

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SIGNificant Graphics is dedicated to providing every single one of our Lyons clients the unwavering support, constant guidance, and professional insight from start to finish. If you have a clear idea of the sign type, materials, design, overall concept that you want, SIGNificant Graphics is ready to turn them into impressive and impactful custom signs for your brand and business.

But if you think you still need some help with your sign’s overall look and feel, our strong team of graphic designers, sign fabricators, marketing specialists, and sign installers, are ready to give you the help, guidance, and advice that you need.

Call SIGNificant Graphics at (312) 626-3766 for your Free Consultation with a Custom Sign Specialist!