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Lyons LED Signs
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Lyons LED Signs


LED signs are essentially neon signs, but way better. They have the same vibrant and retro look but LED signs are not too expensive and high-maintenance. Looking for a lighted sign? Lyons LED signs might be the next business visibility upgrade that you need right now.

custom lighted storefront sign

SIGNificant Graphics can bring you a highly efficient and energy-saving alternative to the classic neon lighted sign. The Light-Emitting Diode (LED) technology doesn’t fall short of the brightness and feel of neon lights, in spite of being way cheaper and environmentally friendly.

One of the best lighted sign options is LED signage, as it can be incorporated into many sign types such as acrylic signs, storefront signs, channel letter signs, and cabinet signs. They are great for businesses that operate and need to stand out especially during the night, including nightclubs, hotels, theatres, restaurants, and convenience stores. LED signs can give your business an aesthetic and visibility boost.

SIGNificant Graphics’s LED signs can be customized according to your needs, preferences, and goals. They come in a wide array of colors, styles, and even animation options. Get your state-of-the-art Lyons, IL LED signs from SIGNificant Graphics today.

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Indoor LED Signs

backlit lobby signLED signs can truly improve your business game outdoors, but they are also great for indoor use.

SIGNificant Graphics can provide LED signs for indoor use, like an “open” sign behind your main door, “fire exit” signs for fire escape doors of the building, order/pick up signs for stations you want to emphasize, or a best-seller section that you want to display.

Because LED lights provide perhaps the most visibility among all sign types, they can easily highlight any product or service you want to endorse strongly in your store. These indoor Lyons LED signs may come in forms of lettering, numbers, and symbols in differing fonts, but you can also customize them to whatever you may need for your office or establishment in Lyons, IL.

Programmable LED Message Centers

Programmable message centersYou need one of those programmable lighted signboards if you want to emphasize a different product or service every week or month.

SIGNificant Graphics can provide that for you. You can get a LED message center that can stand on its own at a strategic location within your building premises; it can also highlight a portion of your storefront sign.

You can change its display text easily anytime you want. It can come in different specifications, from single color units to full-color graphic displays that can attract customers and make them remember your business message.

Full-Service Lighted Sign Company

As a leading Lyons signage company, SIGNificant Graphics is fully equipped to handle each aspect of the production of industry-grade signage products.

lighted sign repair and install

We do repairs, installations, designing, manufacturing, customer service, and even free consultations.

Getting a sign product from SIGNificant Graphics guarantees not only the high quality of your signage but also the full involvement of our signage experts throughout the entire process.

We will accommodate all of your questions, requests, and decisions as much as we can. We have all the resources, expertise, and experience to produce the highest quality of LED signage and other types including lobby signs, storefront signs, ADA signage, trade show displays, vehicle wraps, indoor/outdoor banners, yard signs, and many more.

Free LED Sign Consultation

Significant Graphics Inc logoWith SIGNificant Graphics’s state-of-the-art Lyons LED signs, you can attract potential customers to your store like moths to a flame. Get yours now.

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