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Chicago Outdoor Signs


Nothing promotes your business, highlights your brand, and gets more attention for your products and services than eye-catching, effective outdoor signs, graphics, and banners.

custom lighted signs

The right signage lets potential customers know what your business is about, the products and services you have to offer, and how to best do business with you. Our Chicago outdoor sign and graphics experts make sure you have the right exterior signs for your business and needs.

Here at SIGNificant Graphics, we are passionate about designing, crafting, and installing high-quality outdoor signs for all types of companies, operating in all types of industries. We understand that every organization has a unique set of outdoor signage needs, and so we strive to provide a vast selection of signage solutions that can help them out.

Whether you need yard signs, vinyl banners, pole signs, monument signs, channel letters, vehicle wraps, hanging signs, awnings, or other types of outdoor signs, SIGNificant Graphics can deliver it to you with the design, appeal, and quality that you want. We do individual signs, separate sign elements, as well as entire sign systems.

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Storefront & Building Signs

SIGNificant Graphics has been in the industry long enough to know that if you want ace that first impression, you’re going to need stunning and impactful outdoor signs. Drab and generic signs just won’t cut it.

custom outdoor building signs

Successfully setting up eye-catching and effective signage involves a lot of factors, namely the signs placement, type, design, your location, your target consumers, your timeline, and even your budget. Our team works closely with yours during the conceptualization, selection, design, fabrication, and installation stages.

Choosing the perfect storefront or building signs that clearly speaks your brand message and effectively connects with your target market is never easy, and our role is to help make this process easier and more worthwhile for you.

We start by getting pertinent information about your business—your branding, objectives, vision, target market, competition, location, budget, etc.—and we use this information to provide you with relevant, practical, and reasonable recommendations for your outdoor signage system.

SIGNificant Graphics is all about helping our clients grow, and we do this by delivering custom-crafted storefront and business signs that draw customers in and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom dimensional signs

Dimensional letters and illuminated channel letters are among the most popular signage choices here in the Chicago area. They’re used by offices, schools, restaurants, law firms, clinics, hospitals, retail stores, boutiques, malls, gasoline stations, and many other establishments. Highly versatile, channel letters and dimensional letters are typically customized to match and complement a business’s logo and branding. They are stunning on walls and building facades, and can give your facility a professional appeal that many consumers look for in a business.

Here at SIGNificant Graphics, all orders for channel letters and dimensional letters are custom-designed and custom-crafted to meet every client’s needs. We want our signs to reflect who you are and what you can offer, which is why our business is devoted to delivering excellent quality products, start-to-finish support, impressive service.

Channel letters and dimensional letters are known to be high versatility and easy customization, and these make them great outdoor sign options for all business types.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefront

If you’re looking to attract your target audience’s attention at all times and in all weather conditions, then lighted signs could be what you need. Illuminated outdoor signs allow you to display and promote your brand even in the dark, making them highly effective 24/7 advertising tools.

SIGNificant Graphics offers a wide selection of lighted outdoor signage. Whether it’s backlit, frontlit, or internally illuminated, we have what you need. We have channel letters, sign boxes, pole signs, digital signs, and many more. LED signs are another popular option for Chicago businesses. They give your establishment the timeless appeal of retro signs, but are more affordable, more durable, and more energy-efficient.

Lighted signs are highly attractive and have the power to draw attention to your establishment even at night. They are a popular outdoor sign type for restaurants, theatres, clubs, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront panel signSign panels are an attractive, affordable way to introduce your business and promote your brand. Available in a variety of materials, they can be manufactured in a variety of ways to deliver effective and highly customized signage.

Affixed directly to your storefront, they can consist of etched metal, layered vinyl graphics and lettering, or can be printed directly on to the panel with a high-quality UV ink. They can even be attached to lightboxes, tenant and pole signs, or supported by posts to create a free-standing post and panel sign.

From full-color to spot color designs, the flexibility of panel signs make them a smart choice for many business types with many different budgets.

Sign Panels are popular for small businesses, manufacturing plants, auto repair and service centers, and other businesses looking for a functional, highly-customizable storefront sign.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy and awning signs may not look like your typical outdoor signage, but they do an excellent job in drawing in potential customers and reinforcing your brand. They have a creatively unique look and are a wonderful mix of function and aesthetics.

Awnings are typically made from canvas and have business names, logos, and other details printed on the parts facing traffic. They are built to hang over entrances and windows, making your business and branding conveniently visible to potential customers. Their function as shelter and shade from sun, rain, and snow are another reason for making them effective in attracting customers and bringing them in through your doors.

Canopy and awning signs are a popular choice among businesses looking for a sign that exudes exclusivity and specialty. Such businesses include hotels, jewelry shops, salons, boutiques, and galleries.

Monument Signs

Custom monument sign and dimensional letters for restaurant

For many people, monument signs embody the strength and permanence of a business. This is perhaps because they are usually made from durable materials such as hardwood, stone, metal and concrete, which are then carved, etched, or fitted with sign panels or text that display pertinent business details. Regardless of what they’re made from or what is one them.

The monument signs we produce here at SIGNificant Graphics are built to impress and impact your customers. We don’t settle with giving you monument signs with an ordinary look or feel, we make sure, through innovation and customization, that the ones we give you clearly convey your brand message clearly and complement your branding, location, and vision.

Monument signs are typically placed close to the street, in front of your establishment. They are known to be impressive exterior signage for universities, schools, hospitals, churches, office buildings, and resorts.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

custom digital pole sign

For businesses looking to reach potential customers even at a distance, pole signs and pylon signs by SIGNificant Graphics are a huge help. These types of signages allow your brand and business to have high-visibility and high-impact.

Pole signs are custom crafted to your location and desires, including specific height, shape, and size, and can be customized to display your business name and logo for all passing pedestrians and drivers to see. Pole and pylon signs are the outdoor signs of choice for business-owners looking for tools that are capable of extending your reach to potential customers farther than the ordinary outdoor sign.

Pole signs and pylon signs can give you the exposure, attention, and ultimately the foot traffic that you need for business growth. They are a popular choice among gas stations, auto dealerships, fast food restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

wayfinding post and panel sign

Before you get the impression that outdoor signs play a superficial role in your business, it’s key that you keep in mind that exterior signs play a huge role in attracting potential customers to your business, giving your brand exposure and visibility, as well as reinforcing your brand to anyone who passes by your area. They do more than just give your business a nice look, outdoor signs help increase customer footfall and boost your bottom line.

Of course, generic, run-of-the-mill outdoor signs just won’t cut it. It’s high-quality exterior signage systems that gets things done; and SIGNificant Graphics is here to help you have these for your business or organization. We work closely throughout the entire sign-making process, and this includes initial consultation, conceptualization, design, fabrication, assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair.

We are a full-service Chicago sign company and we see to it that whatever your signage needs may be, we’ll have the solutions to meet them. We offer a vast selection of outdoor sign options including monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs, channel letters, acrylic signs, vinyl banners, flags, yard signs, awnings, LED signs, storefront signs, and even vinyl wraps for all types of vehicles.

Our other exterior signs include:

If you already have outdoor signs for your business and need something else, we’ve got your back! SIGNificant Graphics is a complete signage provider and this means that we don’t offer outdoor signs alone—we’ve got indoor signs, vinyl signs, vehicle wraps, business signs, safety signs, and marketing collateral, too! We have the team, tools, and technique to custom-craft the very signs that you need.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signs

We are proud of the fact that we’ve delivered to countless clients in the Chicago area the exact outdoor signage products and services that they need. We are convinced that our close collaboration with clients is one of the things that drive us toward success. Your ideas matter, and we make sure that you get a look and a say in the entire sign-making process—from conceptualization, all the way to installation.

If you already have a sign type, design, and overall concept ready, our team of graphic artists and sign designers will bring your ideas to life and they’re very much ready to work within the standards specified in your branding guidelines. If you still need help figuring out exactly how your outdoor sign is supposed to look like, don’t worry! SIGNificant Graphics’s design services are here for you, and along with it come honest feedback, practical tips, and professional recommendations for your sign’s design and overall look.

We at SIGNificant Graphics want to be your one-stop sign shop. We want to save you from the hassle of hopping from one sign company to the next just to get a project done. We can work the entire process with you and produce high-quality results that fit your timeline and budget.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

Significant Graphics Chicago LogoSIGNificant Graphics is passionate about giving every client signage that catches your market’s attention and ultimately helps your business grow. We specialize in producing high-quality outdoor signs specially designed to draw in customers, increase foot traffic, and boost brand recognition. We’ve helped countless Chicago businesses achieve all this and we want to do the same thing for you. We’re excited to be your local partner for all your signage needs.

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