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Exterior & Outdoor Signs

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Chicago Sign Company creates outdoor signs that attract attention and bring new clients, customers, and visitors to your business, shopping center, church, political group, special events, and more.

Custom Business SignsEffective exterior signs will highlight your brand and location, allowing customers to easily find your location and know that you are open. Storefront signage, especially lighted exterior signs, are the most common examples of this. However, we also create pole signs, yard signs, and monument signs for added visibility.

If you want the rest of the world to know about your business, you want to have professional exterior signs to help advertise that.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Storefront Signs Account for 50 of Walk-In BusinessWe offer a complete line of outdoor signage for Chicago businesses, working with you to design, manufacture, and install the signs your business needs.

Each step of the way, we think about your brand’s image and goals, creating something that you can be proud of – and something you want to be seen. Not only that, but we handle working with the local government on permits and codes for exterior signs. You don’t have to worry about any of that; we take care of everything for you.

Storefront SignsCustom Projecting Outdoor Sign

There are many different options for your storefront signs, and which one you choose will depend on what type of business you have, the location of your business, and local regulations. We will narrow down your options for you and then work with you to create the right sign for your business, from high-tech outdoor digital signs to traditional channel letter storefront signs. Once production on your sign is completed, we work to get it installed as quickly as possible so that you can start attracting clients and customers. We will make sure everything is properly and safely secured before we leave your business, including properly installing any electrical connections for lighted and digital signs.

Dimensional & Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Exterior & Outdoor Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Probably the most popular type of exterior signage, dimensional signs come with or without backlighting. Dimensional signs are typically cut acrylic or metal, while channel letters have each cut metal raised element for installation, making it extremely durable and resistant to the elements. You have quite a few choices in sizes, colors, styles, and fonts, and we can even create dimensional or channel images for your logo or other graphic elements you would like included in your storefront sign.

We provide you with a complete range of material options, and work with you to determine the best choice for your unique business needs.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Exterior & Outdoor Signs gaspar awning sign 300x200Canopy signs or awning signs are great for smaller businesses, salons, and shopping centers that require uniformity, or those looking for a boutique feel that proudly displays their business information while also protecting their storefront and visitors from the elements. These signs consist of stretched canvas with your logo, business name, and any other pertinent information that you want, printed directly onto the fabric. Everything is made out of extremely high-quality materials for a long-lasting, professional storefront you can be proud of.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Custom Tenant Pylon SignIf you are looking to make a big impact with your sign, consider a pole sign. Of all outdoor signs, pole signs are the ones that you can get the most impact from because they are seen by the most people. Typically installed near restaurants, shopping centers, and other high-traffic areas, they are great traffic creators, but only if done expertly.

Pylon Signs are very similar to pole signs, though they are often shorter and with two poles for support. Commonly used for tenant signs, this type of sign can hold a lot of information!

Exterior Signage

Whatever outdoor signage you need, we will be there to help you promote your business, school, church, or organization.

Our other exterior signs include:

We assist with every component of outdoor signage, from your free consultation through installation and maintenance. It is our goal to create outstanding exterior signs that meet your needs for years to come. Need indoor signs, vehicle wraps, or custom signage to match? No problem, we are a complete provider of all business signs!

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

If you are looking for a professionally designed, manufactured, and installed outdoor sign, we want to be your first choice.

Call Chicago Sign Company at (312) 626-3766 for a Free Consultation with an Outdoor Sign Specialist!