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Berwyn Vehicle Wraps
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Berwyn Vehicle Wraps


Eye-catching and effective, commercial vehicle wraps and graphics make it easy for you to promote your business everywhere you go. If you want the ultimate in brand and business visibility, there is no better solution.

custom full vehicle wrapWhether you desire a full vehicle wrap for your food truck or custom lettering for your corporate car, we handle every wrap project with the same attention to detail and expertise. Our wrap and graphics experts ensure that both the design and installation of your custom graphics are complementary to your vehicle and appropriately positioned for maximum impact, durability, and longevity.

As your Berwyn vehicle wraps and graphics company, we handle your entire wrap project from start to finish. Our team of wrap experts provide smart recommendations for design and wrap layout, our wrap fabricators ensure production is efficient and accurate, and our wrap installation team gets you street-ready.

For van wraps, boat wraps, trailer wraps, truck wraps, car wraps, or cohesive wraps for all of the vehicles in your fleet, trust your local wrap experts, SIGNificant Graphics.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

We help you get the right level of coverage for your vehicle and needs. While full wraps provide the most protection and marketing opportunity, vehicle magnets provide the most versatility and lowest price point. We discuss your needs and goals to determine what level and type of vehicle wrap, graphics, or lettering is the best solution for your business and brand.

Berwyn Vehicle Wraps vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom full vehicle wrap

Full-color and full impact, full vehicle wraps provide maximum protection and maximum marketing opportunity. With seamless coverage from front bumper to rear, your finished design provides a flawless and professional appearance that is sure to impress.

The heavy-duty, premium-quality vinyl wrap material not only allows you to get your message out, it also layers your original paint with a protective finish, reducing the risk of scratches, dings, and other road wear and weathering that a factory finish is susceptible to over time.

Full vehicle wraps are easy to remove, leaving behind no damage to your paint. This means that a business can even feel confident wrapping leased vehicles. Whatever vehicle you use for your business, we can turn it into a marketing tool that works for you.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphicsUnlike the complete coverage that full wraps provide, partial car wraps pinpoint a specific area of your vehicle for promotion. While you don’t get a full layer of protection, you are able to cut costs by choosing to only wrap the parts of your car needed to accomplish your goal.

We can wrap any part of your vehicle, or any combination of doors, side panels, bumpers, hood, tailgate, or even the roof. Partial car wraps are applied just like a full wrap, giving complete coverage to your desired area.

We want to ensure that your wrap is both effective and economical, meeting your business and brand visibility goals all within your budget.

Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

If you have a simple message or want to add a few graphics to your vehicle, but aren’t looking for an entire wrap, cut vinyl vehicle graphics and lettering are a good alternative to traditional wraps.

Vinyl graphics are individually designed, cut, and placed, instead of graphics being printed on a single sheet of vinyl, like for a full or partial wrap. This provides the greatest flexibility in design, and is a great choice for someone who wants to test different graphic layouts and options before committing to a full wrap.

Logos, promotional messages, phone numbers, and required licensing information such as DOT numbers, are often applied using cut vinyl graphics and vinyl lettering, and can be placed on any area of your car.

Vehicle Magnets

car magnet

For those who are looking for a temporary, removable option, vehicle magnets work well for those who don’t want to promote their brand 24/7.

Easy to remove and replace, magnets are a great option for those who may work under different brands, such as subcontractors, those who live in signage restricted neighborhoods but would still like to use their personal vehicle for promotion, or even those who wish to drive with a little more spirit when they aren’t on the clock.

Vehicle magnets are quick and easy to produce in many styles, shapes, and sizes, and no professional installation is required, allowing you to start promoting your business right away.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window filmYour wrap doesn’t have to stop with the solid panels of your vehicle. Give your vehicle the ultimate finishing touch with perforated window film!

Perforated vinyl window graphics appear as a fully printed marketing message from outside your vehicle. Your occupants, however, are provided with privacy, and are able to enjoy an uninterrupted view through the window.

Our Berwyn, IL vehicle wrap experts are excited to consult with you on your next vehicle graphics project. We help you choose the right type of wrap and coverage, as well as assist with design, production, and installation of your custom commercial wraps.

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

custom vinyl food truck wrapWe understand that not every business drives a box truck that is essentially a billboard on wheels. Whatever your vehicle type, we have design solutions that allow you to effectively utilize any type of vehicle for business and brand promotion.

If your business uses many different types of work vehicles, we deliver cohesive fleet wraps that are specifically designed for each vehicle type, utilizing similar elements, fonts, colors, and sizes to create attractive, complementary graphics.

Whether you want to improve brand visibility, improve customer confidence, or even want a unique way to share your menu for your food truck, our experts are skilled at utilizing your branding elements and unique marketing messages to create impactful wraps that support your business goals.

Our vehicle wrap services include:

SIGNificant Graphics also provides high-quality custom business signage, including indoor signs, outdoor signs, vinyl graphics, and any custom signs your business may desire or require.

Attractive Wraps for Your Entire Fleet

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps Commercial vinyl wraps and graphics not only publicize your business, they also increase customer confidence and brand perception. If you or your representatives visit clients at their home, as is common for cable installation teams, plumbers, landscapers, delivery companies, electricians, carpenters, or exterminators, most people are hesitant to let you in their home if they don’t immediately understand why you are there.

With vinyl fleet wraps, clients can feel confident that you represent the business you claim before you even say a word, immediately setting them at ease. When your vehicles and team look professional, your clients and customers are more excited to work with you, are more likely to view your business favorably, and even have an increased chance of recommending you to others.

Custom Boat Wraps

custom boat wrap designOf course, brand promotion utilizing vehicle wraps isn’t just limited to the land. You can even promote your business on the water or when docked. Our marine-grade vinyl is ideal for custom boat and trailers wraps, withstanding personal, corporate, or even charter use.

Our marine wraps are durable and long-lasting, made to withstand long-term water exposure. If you are a Berwyn marina providing boat rental services, boat wraps allow you to promote your brand consistently and easily identify vessels in your fleet, all while protecting your investment.

For complementary and cohesive messaging, we can also wrap your food trucks, work trucks, trailers, or any other vehicle in your fleet with the same high-quality wrap material and similar design.

Full-Service Vehicle Wrapping

custom vehicle wrap installationOur dedicated, experienced Berwyn vehicle wraps and graphics staff is there for you throughout the wrapping process. From the free vehicle wrap consultation through to attractive design, expert fabrication, and professional wrap installation.

We know just how important it is that your wrap be expertly applied. Vinyl is susceptible to ripples, tears, and bubbles because of the flexibility of the material. Our wrap installers have the right tools and experience to deliver a perfectly aligned and visually pleasing finished product that lasts.

If you need wrap repair, replacement, or even removal of the wrap that we applied to your vehicle, we can assist with all of your vehicle wrap and graphic maintenance needs.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Significant Graphics Chicago LogoFor any level of wrap coverage and for any fleet size, our Berwyn vehicle wraps and graphics experts deliver cohesive, branded vehicle graphics that build your business, promote your brand, and set your customers at ease.

Whether you are on the road, at a job site, or parked in your own parking lot, professional wraps and graphics tell your community a lot about your business. Make sure your signage says the right things about your business by working with the experts at SIGNificant Graphics.

Call SIGNificant Graphics at (312) 626-3766 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!